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Supporting You At Home

While you are staying at home during the virus outbreak emergency measures, to keep you informed we will be updating the website regularly with lots of new items. You can watch and listen to Robin via regular videos and podcasts, browse his selected readings, reflections and prayers along with weekly updates from the Moderators of Kirkcaldy Presbytery and the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. To entertain you we've added the monthly quiz and the knitting pattern for the popular Hippo.

You can read these special pages by clicking the links below (most recently updated pages are at the top, but you'll find our latest Intimations further down):

Click for the Quiz Bennochy Quiz
Sunday 31st May
Click for Prayers of Hope Pentecost Sunday Service (Video)
Sunday 31st May
Click for Prayers of Hope Prayers of Hope (Sunday Evening Prayer)
Saturday 30th May
Click for On Air and On Line Radio, TV, Apps and Music Services
Saturday 30th May
Click for Thought for the Day Sunday Thought for the Day
Friday 29th May
Click for Messages from the Moderator of Kirkcaldy Presbytery Messages from the Moderator of Kirkcaldy Presbytery
Friday 29th May
Click for Thought for the Day Midweek Thought for the Day
Wednesday 27th May
Click for From the Manse From the Manse
Tuesday 26th May
Click for Podcasts Podcasts
Wednesday 6th May
Click for Current Status Current Services Status (inc. Funerals, Volunteering)
Saturday 18th April
Click for Sharing a Thought Sharing a Thought
Wednesday 1st April
Click for Online Bible Study Online Bible Study
Tuesday 24th March
Click for Hippo Pattern Dementia Friendly Hippo Pattern
Friday 20th March

Special Intimations
  • We are sad to announce the death of Mr Bob Murray, 14 Meldrum Road, Kirkcaldy. Bob died on the 21st of May 2020. His funeral service takes place at Kirkcaldy crematorium, on Wednesday 3rd June at 2.15 pm. Please remember his wife Helen and son Stuart, and all the members of Bob's family, at this time of sad loss.

  • Message from Ena Rae - "I am now back home from hospital and wish to thank everyone for their good wishes. I have only just realised what happened, I hope as my condition improves I will be able to meet you all again".

Other News Items

Click for Document Letter of Thanks from Kirkcaldy Foodbank
(Thursday 28th May)
Click to read this news Letters from Zambia on how the virus is affecting the country
(Saturday 25th April)
Click for Document Important letter to all members from George Drummond, Session Clerk, regarding Church finances during the lockdown

Important Advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 28th May

For the safety of all society and to protect NHS services:
  • The Government requires that everyone stays at home unless shopping for food or medicines, taking exercise or to provide care, or to help a vulnerable person.

  • From 29th May, public outdoor spaces can now be used for recreational purposes, for example to sit in a park, sunbathe or have a picnic. People should not share food and drink between households and should avoid using shared facilities, such as bathrooms. If eating, each household should bring their own food separately and avoid sharing utensils, dishes or cups and use a hand sanitiser before eating. Physical distancing between households should be maintained at all times.

  • From 29th May, you can now travel short distances for outdoor leisure and exercise but should remain in your local area, suggested to be five miles from your house, although we ask people to use their judgement. People are encouraged to walk, wheel or cycle where possible.

  • From 29th May, most outdoor workplaces to resume with physical distancing measures in place once guidance is agreed, including horticulture, landscaping and garden centres, forestry and environmental management. Associated cafes should not reopen at this stage except for take-away and physical distancing measures should be followed.

  • From 29th May, food outlets, restaurants and cafes are able to provide delivery, take-away and drive-through food options in line with guidance and complying and safe physical distancing measures.

  • From 29th May, unrestricted outdoor exercise and some non-contact outdoor activities within the local area – such as golf, outdoor tennis and angling – can resume provided physical distancing is followed. It does not mean that taking part will always be safe. You should use judgement and take part only if you can do so safely, maintaining physical distancing and not putting yourself or others at risk.

  • From 1st June, staff can return to schools subject to risk assessments and appropriate physical distancing and hygiene measures being in place to support this. This is to plan and prepare for the new blended model of learning to be implemented from 11 August.

  • From 1st June, Household Waste Recycling Centres to begin to reopen. Sites must operate safely, ensuring physical distancing is maintained, and should only be visited when absolutely necessary to minimise journeys.

  • From 3rd June, child minding services and fully outdoor nursery provision will be available, although capacity will be limited. Both measures will be subject to increased hygiene measures, small group working and physical distancing of adults.

Bennochy Parish Church is a friendly community Church situated in central Kirkcaldy, Fife.

Why not join us for Sunday Worship or come along to one of the many groups which meet in the Church halls each week. There are a wide range of activities on offer for all ages. Read more ...

Serving Your Needs

At the heart of the local community, we seek to meet the needs of young and old, those on their own or with families. We can also help with Baptisms and Weddings.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site and wish to participate in the life of the Church and its organisations.

Keep up to date with the latest news ...

Latest News
Jenny Featherstone Dementia Friendly Hippo Walkers Bunny Drive

Covid Timeline from Zambia

Read a special letter from Jenny in Zambia about how the virus is affecting the country.

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Dementia Friendly Hippo

Read about our Hippos.

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Lochore Meadows Walk

Join us for a walk around Lochore Meadows.

Read more ...

Bunny Drive

Come along to our exciting Bunny Drive.

Read more ...

Next Special Event

Bunting for Hire

Next time you have a celebration with family and friends, why not hire a section of the church’s bunting to decorate your venue?

£5 per hire - 19 flags on the bunting.

Contact G&Q on 07980 367632.

Bunting for Hire

Magazines and Other News
Kirkcaldy Area Reachout Trust Crossreach Kirkcaldy Street Pastors Kirkcaldy Area Reachout Trust

KART Prayer Diary

The May Prayer Diary from KART is now available.

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CrossReach Information Sheet

The CrossReach Conorovirus Communication (March 2020) is now available.

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Kirkcaldy Street Pastors

The activities during a typical night in the town in late February.

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KART Spring News

The Spring newsletter from KART is now available.

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The Olive Branch Community Café
The Olive Branch Café

Our community café is open every Thursday from 11am until 2pm and now includes an Internet Café with support to assist you with any web related activities.

Read more about the café and sample the menu ...

Our Latest Sermon Notes
My immediate thought was, I have run out of things to say! Don't rejoice too quickly! There is a sermon for today. I looked at the reading for the first Sunday of Lent. By the way, I hope you knew we are now in the season of Lent. We are in the run up to Easter. I looked at the reading for today and wondered what am I going to say that I have not already said, about the temptations of Jesus. I was 'tempted' to look out an old sermon and see if any one noticed. Can I say, I have not done that, but if something I say does sounds familiar, it is probably because I have said it before.

Read this sermon in full or revisit previous sermons ...

Organisations at Bennochy Parish Church

Life at the Church

Bennochy Parish Church was formed in 2010 by the union of St. Andrew's and St. John's Parish Churches. You can visit our history pages which cover the history of both Churches and recent events at the new Church.

A photo gallery includes pictures, old and new, covering the wide range of activities. To enter the gallery, click here ...