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Updated: 19 Mar 2020

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Jacqueline Thomson D.C.S. - Moderator of Kirkcaldy Presbytery

A Prayer from the Moderator of Kirkcaldy Presbytery

God is our refuge and strength in times of trouble.

Let us pray together,

Gracious God, you are above all, beneath all, beyond all, within all. Lord you came to our world as the King of Kings and Lord of lords, yet also as the servant of all.

As your servants today, we acknowledge you as God who hurts with humanity. Father, we pour out our hearts to you in sadness, grief and disbelief as the pandemic virus which develops around us frightens us.

In every town, village and country, people’s lives are being limited and torn apart by this devastating virus and Lord we pray that very soon a cure maybe found.

We ask that you shall grant wisdom to the scientists who seek to end this devastation which we witness, and we seek protection to the professional people, doctors, nurses, and carers who are striving to care for your people in these most difficult and dangerous circumstances.

We pray for clear guidance to be given to the decision makers who serve on our government, health boards, and councils as they strive to make policys aiming to keep us safe while caring for us and our every need.

As your servants we pray, Living Lord, that in all our listening, hearing and responding to your people who feel vulnerable, that we can do so with compassion and as we wrestle now each day in these difficult circumstances, we offer you our prayers for the people who have lost loved ones, those who are overwhelmed by sorrow. We pray for them in their shock, hurt and bewilderment. Grant each one who mourns the comfort you have promised to all who mourn; encircle them in your loving arms and may the support of friends and family and the knowledge that, in Christ, nothing can finally separate them or us from your comfort bringing love.

Compassionate God fill us with your peace; remind us that whatever we fear, your love is able to see us through it. Gracious God take this broken world, and through your grace, bring healing.

Reach out to us and through us, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord in whose name we pray.


Jacqueline Thomson D.C.S. - Moderator of Kirkcaldy Presbytery