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Missionary Work

Jenny Featherstone The Bennochy Parish Church Missionary Partner is Jenny Fetherstone who works in Zambia.

She works at the Chodort Training Centre in Choma (a small provincial town about 2 hours from Livingstone). The centre provides carpentry, tailoring and computing training facilities.

Previously she was a member of staff teaching social work related subjects at Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation in Kitwe, the second largest town in Zambia. Students came from all over Africa and, after graduation, returned to Myanmar, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and other countries.

Jenny also worked on a Positive Living project in Ipusukilo which is on the outskirts of Kitwe. She regularly visited a group of widows who are all HIV+, each with many orphaned family and extended family members under their care.

Graduates In Kitwe
Graduates in Kitwe

One of her major successes was the Play4all scheme which now has over 20 volunteers providing support to local football and netball teams - wearing kit supplied by the Church.

Bennochy Parish Church is one of 16 congregations in the Presbytery linked to Jenny and supporting her with this important work.

You can follow Jennys work over the years by reading the newsletters listed (on the right) with the latest news from Zambia at the top of the page.

Study Leave Report

In August 2015 Robin visited Jenny in Zambia as part of his study leave. You can read his report by clicking here.