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Community Garden
2nd July 2017
Community Garden

As part of the Bennochy Community Garden Project, we partner with Growing Kirkcaldy. Growing Kirkcaldy has supported our work with advice, hints and tips. We feel included as part of Kirkcaldy's efforts in enhancing the available green spaces and would like to support the volunteers at Growing Kirkcaldy by including Bennochy Community Garden as part of the route when local and national judging takes place. Bennochy Community Garden is a beautiful peaceful garden which is maintained by many unsung heroes of the congregation. I appeal that you become an unsung hero and if you see a weed over the summer months as you walk through the garden to pull it out.

An initial walk of the route of the judges will take place on the morning of Monday 24th July by members of Growing Kirkcaldy, in preparation for future judging.

Britain in Bloom will be the morning of Monday 7th August.

Beautiful Scotland will be the morning of Tuesday 8th August.

Areas which the judges will be particularly keen to mark on will be; horticulture, environmental responsibility and community engagement.

Bennochy Community Garden will be viewed as contributing to making Kirkcaldy a place that cares about its environment. Growing Kirkcaldy has been entered for Beautiful Scotland's Small City award. As a partner, we should work together in our small corner. If any unsung heroes in the congregation or community would like to be present when the judges come, please contact Louisa Turner, Community Development Worker.

July Joint Services
25th June 2017
July Joint Services

Theme is “In the wilderness”

Forty years in the wilderness the people of God had to wander,but made great discoveries about themselves and about God. One fascinating story of discovery from one service to the next. Four different Sundays - one joint worship and theme. The Church of Scotland in Kirkcaldy Central welcomes all. Something for all ages.

  • 9th July joint service at St Bryce Kirk “Freedom - reality and responsibility"
  • 16th July joint service at Bennochy “Obscured by clouds, the presence of the Lord”
  • 23rd July joint service at Linktown “Deserting the golden calf to flourish”
  • 30th July joint service at Abbotshall “worship ‘in-tent’ - moving church”

Flower List 2017
13th November 2016
Sanctuary Flowers

The Flower List for 2017 is now available in the vestibule of the Church. If you wish to donate flowers, please put your name on the list against the appropriate date or speak to Senga Booth.

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