Welcome to Summer

From the Manse (Tuesday 23rd June)

Robin's video this week discusses the possible timescales for the opening of the Church and midweek activities once the lockdown has been lifted.

From the Manse 23rd June 2020

From the Manse (Tuesday 16th June)

Robin invites you to view his latest video from the Manse where he shares his views on the state of the High Street (where will he buy new shoes?) and politicians under pressure from football stars.

From the Manse 16th June 2020

From the Manse (Tuesday 9th June)

Remember you are still welcome to send me your pictures for use in a future Sunday reflection. You can send them to me via email at revrobinmcalpine@gmail.com.

From the Manse 9th June 2020

From the Manse (Tuesday 2nd June)

Hello everyone, I have an idea I would like to share with you. During one of my Sunday morning video reflections, I would like to show a montage of pictures of members of Bennochy church. In other words, to get people to send me pictures of themselves which I will show one Sunday morning. If we can't come together in person we can come together online in our pictures.

I will need your help to spread the word, so that I can get as many pictures as possible. If I am inundated, I can spread it over more than one reflection!

Please send your pictures to me via email at revrobinmcalpine@gmail.com, thanks, Robin.

From the Manse 2nd June 2020

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