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From the Manse (Tuesday 29th September)

This week Robin reflects on the previous two services in the Church, how we never stand still and what have we learnt as a Church.

From the Manse Tuesday 29th September

From the Manse (Tuesday 22nd September)

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in helping to reopen our building for worship on 20th September. From filling in our 'Buildings checklist' and 'Risk Assessment' forms to gain Presbytery permission, to all the practical things that needed to be done in the building to make it Covid safe. There are too many people to mention individually, but from me, a big thank you to you all.

We had 32 people in church last Sunday, and as our building, due to Covid restrictions, has an attendance limit of just 36, we had only 4 places left! Can I please ask, if you are planning to attend, and were not there on Sunday, can you please let me know. It would be good to have some idea of who will be there. We don't want to turn anyone away! Likewise if you were there, and don't plan to attend on the 27th, again, please send me an email or leave a message on the ansa phone. Thank you.

We do at some stage hope to be able to 'live stream' the service on a Sunday morning for those unable to attend, but till then, a recording from my mobile phone will be available on the Sunday Reflections page.

That's all for now, with all God's blessing Robin

This week Robin discusses a reflection and prayer named "Still Speaking" from the USA and links this to our passage of time in lockdown. He also reflects on last Sundays worship service.

From the Manse Tuesday 22nd September

From the Manse (Tuesday 15th September)

This week Robin starts with a short reading about being part of something larger than yourself. There needs to be a purpose to worship, especially when in the company of others instead of practicing by ourselves.

From the Manse Tuesday 15th September

From the Manse (Tuesday 8th September)

This week Robin discusses his thoughts on our first Sunday back in Church and the reflective service he his planning. He will also be reflecting on the six months of the pandemic and how it has affected society.

From the Manse Tuesday 8th September

From the Manse (Tuesday 1st September)

This week Robin discusses the changes due to Covid-19 and the slow transition during lockdown exit as we reach a tipping point.

From the Manse Tuesday 1st September

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