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From the Manse (Monday 30th November)

This week Robin discusses the forthcoming Advent and Christmas services and his cunning plans for participation.

From the Manse Monday 30th November

From the Manse (Tuesday 24th November)

This week Robin discusses Advent and the Christian Aid Christmas Appeal along with looking forward and seeking hope.

From the Manse Tuesday 24th November

From the Manse (Monday 16th November)

This week Robin discusses the way times are changing and how this year will be remembered in the future as a past event.

From the Manse Monday 16th November

From the Manse (Tuesday 10th November)

This week Robin was looking at his study walls and noticing his pictures. Now in this modern age everything is digital and probably hidden from view on various personal devices.

From the Manse Tuesday 10th November

From the Manse (Tuesday 3rd November)

This week Robin reads the first few verses from Psalm 100 and reflects on their meaning.

From the Manse Tuesday 3rd November

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