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From the Manse (Monday 13th December)

In this video Robin discusses our change of plans for the Christmas and New Year services.

From the Manse Monday 13th December 2021

I never for a moment thought I would be back talking about Covid restrictions. With rising number of Omicron cases and just the general uncertainty of how infectious this new variant actually is, it seemed to me that the most responsible thing to do, in reducing the possibility of transmission of the virus, is for worship to go back online. I know that will be disappointing for many. We wanted to make this decision now, so that you would know exactly what is happening in advance, rather than trying to make decisions later on, and having to change things very quickly. I also want to say, that the decision to go back online, is supported by the Kirk Session of Bennochy church. It offers us a bit of a ‘fire break’, over the busy Christmas period.

So, the plan is this:

Pre-recorded services, from myself, for this coming Sunday the 19th of December, the watch night service on the 24th and for 2nd January 2022. The 2nd of January being the second of our planned joint services, with the other churches in the town.

All services can be found on our Sunday Reflections page or directly on YouTube.

There will also be an earlier watchnight service from Abbotshall / St Bryce. I have just heard this will also be online. Abbotshall will also provide a short online reflection for Christmas day, and the online service for the 26th of December. The details for these services will be posted on the Bennochy web site and Facebook page. Please let people know what is happening, especially those who might be planning to attend the watchnight service.

With the Scottish Government now wishing to offer everyone over 18 a booster jab by the end of the year – that is certainly ambitious, I hope that by the 9th of January we will be able to meet again ‘in person’. There might be some more restrictions put in place to allow that to happen. For example, some social distancing, the re- introduction of ‘test and protect’ and probably no tea or coffee after the service. Stay in touch by logging onto the website where I will put all the up-to-date information and any changes we have to make.

However we worship God, it is never diminished. Even if we cannot make the Advent journey together in person, the star still shines over Bethlehem. The angels still sing, OK maybe they didn’t, but they spoke to the shepherds, and gifts are still being shared and brought to the birth of Israel’s new king. None of that changes. The story continues, online or otherwise, and together, we are still making that journey, to the place where the gift of Christmas, in Jesus Christ, is still unwrapped.

Let me take this opportunity, once again, to wish you, and your family, a most blessed and peaceful Christmas, and all the best for 2022. And if you know someone who will be by themselves this Christmas, please make a special effort to be in touch.

Please, stay connected. Stay safe. Till the next time.

From the Manse (Tuesday 7th December)

In this video Robin discusses the question "when was the last time your thought about why you went to Church". Church is the House of the Lord where we look for God together and not just a place.

From the Manse Tuesday 7th December 2021

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