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Updated: 27 Jul 2021

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From the Manse (Tuesday 27th July)

In this video Robin discusses losing your car in a multi-storey car park when you cannot remember on which level you parked. He also reflects on the shape of the Church after reorganisation.

From the Manse Tuesday 27th July

From the Manse (Monday 19th July)

In this video Robin discusses planning in the midst of uncertainty and how Sunday mornings may be different.

From the Manse Monday 19th July

From the Manse (Tuesday 13th July)

In this video Robin discusses watching The Darkest Hour about Dunkirk and how decisions were made. The courage to continue is what counts, especially after the football results of Euro 2020.

From the Manse Tuesday 13th July

From the Manse (Monday 5th July)

In this video Robin discusses changes in the world due to Covid and how the ground has shifted under our feet.

From the Manse Monday 5th July

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