Sunday Reflections
Rev. Robin McAlpine

Updated: 28 Nov 2021

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Sunday Reflections

Robin leads our morning worship service each Sunday. We also have all the videos presented by Robin during the time the Church was closed due to the Covid pandemic. In addition, some videos are from The Kirkcaldy Town Centre Churches for all the congregations.

The latest videos are at the top of the page or you can scroll down for earlier dates.

Note: Live services on Sunday mornings can be found on the Bennochy Live! page from 11am. A recording of these services will be available to view on this page normally from 2pm on the Sunday.

Remember that you can enlarge any of the the videos to fill your screen by clicking the Full Screen icon at the bottom right of the videos after you press Play.

Sunday Service 28th November

Recording of the live service from 28th November. This service was the 1st Sunday in Advent.

Sunday Service - 28th November

Sunday Service 21st November

Recording of the live service from 21st November. This service was led by the Worship Team.

Sunday Service - 21st November

Sunday Service 14th November

Recording of the live service from 14th November on Remembrance Sunday.

Sunday Service - 14th November

Sunday Service 7th November

Recording of the live service from 7th November.

Sunday Service - 7th November

Sunday reflections for October 2021 ...