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Current Status of Services and Activities







  • The Prayer Group has decided not to continue
  • The Sequence Dance Club resumed on 8th October 2021
  • Taekwondo Club has closed

If you have any questions or concerns regarding worship, weddings, funerals or pastoral matters please do not hesitate to telephone the manse or the Session Clerk.

Guidance on Funerals

Restrictions on funerals may continue during 2022, full details will be available from your Funeral Director or via Robin.

Advice on Safeguarding and Volunteering

Individuals wishing to set up services to help those who are self-isolating may want to make contact with their Local Authority Community Planning Partnerships or other Community links to assist with initiatives that are already in the process of being organised.

For those who would like to volunteer to offer assistance to those self–isolating in the community we have provided a guidance document from the Church of Scotland and a link to the Ready Scotland website where further volunteering information is available.

Click for Document Advice from the Church of Scotland Safeguarding Service Document
(26 March 2020)
Click for Website Ready Scotland Website
For advice on volunteering, helping your community and where to find additional support

Foodbank Update

If people still wish to donate to Kirkcaldy Foodbank, either with goods or in cash, please note that there are temporary opening hours and any changes posted on their website and social media via:

Click for Website Kirkcaldy Foodbank Website

For anyone wishing to volunteer, please drop an email to, and someone will get back in touch with you.

Where is Kirkcaldy Foodbank

Viewforth Church Hall
Viewforth Terrace

Opening hours

For the most up-to-date information regarding the opening hours of Kirkcaldy Foodbank, please read our twitter posts:

Click for Twitter Kirkcaldy Foodbank on Twitter