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Updated: 14 Sep 2020

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Midweek Thought for the Day

Robin has written, compiled, read and presented some thoughts for various days during the week. You can find links to his reflections for Sundays by using the index on the right of the page.

The latest thoughts are at the top of the page or you can scroll down to read earlier entries.

Thoughts for Week of Monday 14th September

Readings for today

Mathew 18 v 20

For where two or three come together in my name, I am with them.


Part of a recent Sunday reading from the Lectionary, perhaps this verse could be comforting as we return to church, in a very reduced way.

First of all, even if there are not as many as we would like to have in our church buildings, they are nevertheless valid comings together, to worship and pray, and though few in number, we still hope our prayers to be answered. For many it is the traditional place where we can ask for help and hope what we ask for to happen. It is where we meet each other and where Jesus meets us, in listening to the Word of God.

But the reading can be comforting for those who cannot come to church, for those of us alone, or in groups of six or less, indoors, or outside. For whenever and wherever we meet others, Jesus is there too. Those of us unable to physically be in a church building can still be together, still meet each other, in the sense of coming together to pray for each other, asking for help for our world. And Jesus’ promise means we will be listened to and helped.

We are not alone.


Father God be with our world you created for us.

Jesus, Son of God, be with us no matter where we are

Holy Spirit, bring us together in the ever-present love of God. Amen

Nancy Gilmartin

Thoughts for Week of Monday 7th September

Readings for today

Jeremiah 1

4 The Lord said to me
“I chose you before I gave you life and before you were born I selected you to be a prophet to the nations.
Today I give you authority over nations and kingdoms, to uproot and pull down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.”


Forth Park Hospital
Forth Park Hospital

This reading came to my mind as I drove past Forth Park Hospital now being demolished. Many of us were born there, or our children or grandchildren were, so it is a place of treasured memories. And it’s good to think that God is with us always, even before we are born.

But because of its place in our lives, the building being torn down is perhaps a little painful or sad, even if we know that the site will be used again, for housing.

Change is like that, it is never easy and straightforward, but God tells Jeremiah, and our own life experience confirms it, that getting rid of the old is necessary for something new to succeed. We exchange something good, for hopefully, something better, an idea even more relevant today.


Father God we take comfort in your eternal presence in our ever-changing lives

Jesus, Son of God, help us to recognise and accept the changes in our lives as part of God’s plan

Holy Spirit, guide us to help others struggling with change and changes. Amen

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