The Bible and Cross

Personal Events


Your child can be baptised at Bennochy Parish Church.

The baptism is performed as part of the Sunday service with entry to the Cradle Roll of the Church and full support of a caring community. Reserved seating for relatives and guests.

To assist you in preparing for a baptism we have prepared a baptism leaflet with useful information. (Note that the contact details in the leaflet are no longer valid).


Why not hold your Wedding Service at Bennochy Parish Church. Please contact us for details.

Hospital Visits

If you would like someone from the Church to visit a member of the congregation in hospital, please use get in touch via the contact page. Hospitals no longer provide Churches with lists of admissions so please let us know when a visit would be of assistance.

Book of Remembrance

Book of Remembrance Anyone who would wish the Book of Remembrance to be opened at a particular page - on the Sunday nearest to an anniversary - is requested to insert the details into the appropriate date in the small diary which lies beside the Book.