Bennochy Stained Glass Windows

The Bennochy stained glass windows were dedicated during a special service on 18th March 2012 to commemorate the unification of St Andrew’s and St John’s Churches to form Bennochy Church.

Bennochy Stained Glass Windows Design
Bennochy Stained Glass Windows Design (click for larger image)

Within the design of the window, the churches are linked by a ribbon which encircles Bennochy. The union is symbolised through colour: the blues in the St Andrew’s panel (lower left) combine with the yellows in The St John’s panel (lower right) to give green in the Bennochy panel (centre) – the colour of resurrection and new life.

The following descriptions explain the design behind each diamond in the window, from left to right. The images show the actual window after installation, however if you hover over them, the original design will be shown below.


St Andrew’s Church

Lower Left Diamond: St Andrew’s Church

  • The saltire cross and rope - symbols of St Andrews martyrdom.
  • The fish – St Andrew offered the two fish in the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes.
  • The net – St Andrew the fisherman. The trinity knot within represents the three churches which formed St Andrew's – Abbotsrood, Dunnikier and Victoria Road.
  • The woven strands also symbolise the town’s history as a centre of linen weaving.


Theme of unity

Upper Left Diamond

  • The words from Ephesians 4, 4-6 continue the theme of unity: "There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and father of all".
  • The Trinity symbol – "One God".
  • The dove, flames and 3 droplets of water – "One baptism" through the Holy Spirit.
  • The seeds – baptism symbolises sowing the seeds of a Christian life. Here the seeds and the blue flower represent linseed oil, used in the production of linoleum.
  • The rays – the radiant light of fellowship reaching out to the community.


Bennochy Church

Centre Diamond: Bennochy Church

  • The green cross – symbol of resurrection, new life and spring.
  • The unification took place in spring and the service featured a cross, made from daffodils.
  • The tree- symbolising the growth of the new church, it’s many branches reaching out into the community.
  • The buildings of the Parish.
  • The people of the Parish.
  • The flag – symbol of Bennochy’s missionary links with Zambia.


Autumn Trees

Upper Right Diamond: Autumn Trees

  • Represents autumn in the four Kirkcaldy parks (Beveridge, Dunnikier, Gallatown & Ravenscraig).
  • The landscape in the much admired hymn written by the former minister Rev Jack Millar "When the golden light of the morning, sets the Lomond Hills aglow, and the light of heaven is adorning, the fields and trees below".
  • The rainbow – symbol of a covenant (of faith), of hope and future.


St John’s Church

Lower Right Diamond: St John’s Church

  • St John’s Cross.
  • The soaring Eagle – symbol of the gospel of St John the evangelist.
  • The chalice and snake – symbols of St John’s martyrdom.
  • The grapes and grain – Holy Communion.



Installing the new windows

Installing the new windows

Shona McInnes Windows The windows were designed and constructed by Shona McInnes and installed during the 5th and 6th of March 2012. You can view other examples of her work by clicking here.


For a larger view of the fully completed window after installation, click on the image below:

Bennochy Stained Glass Windows
Bennochy Stained Glass Windows (click for larger image)