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Missionary Work

Jenny Featherstone

The Bennochy Parish Church Missionary Partner is Jenny Fetherstone who works in Zambia.

Jenny has completed her years as Mission Partner in Zambia, a post part funded by Church of Scotland and partly by the Methodist Union.

Now retired as Principal of Chodort Training College, Choma, she is currenty spending two years living on the College campus and in one of the houses built by the Construction Dept. of the College.

Her two projects now in action are:

  • Churches Advice & Development Centre - where professionals from congregations offer advice and expertise to help local communities, with a two hourly session once a month.

    Areas of need include:
    • Health, e.g. Blood pressure clinic
    • Cash flow for business enterprise
    • Hygiene e.g. water

  • Action for Alcoholism - a huge problem where it is a very cheap resort to escape all that extreme poverty brings. Recovery & Support groups to be formed

Jenny also maintains regular contact with the Play4All group, located in the North, close to her earlier posting. It serves offer protection, learning through play and fun for street children otherwise left to their own devices or at risk on the home front. A project close to her heart over many years.

Bennochy Parish Church is one of 13 congregations in Kirkcaldy Presbytery linked to Jenny and supporting her with this important work.

You can follow Jennys work over the years by reading the newsletters listed (on the right) with the latest news from Zambia at the top of the page.

Bennochy Zambia Appeal 21

Over the past few years, at Harvest, Bennochy has donated money to support the work of Jenny Featherstone in Choma, Zambia. I recently asked Jenny what project we might support in 2021. This is what she said,

In May I had a phone call from someone I vaguely knew in Kitwe called Precious Phiri. She was distraught and desperate because her son who was about 18, had just been killed in a road accident, she was widowed in 2009 and struggling to keep her 5 children and 3 dependants. She could not afford to pay for the coffin, so I helped her, and also a little something to start selling rice and beans in the market, as she was desperate to send 2 of her children to school. I heard from her again a couple of weeks later asking for about £3.00 for medicine for her next oldest son who was ill.

Two weeks ago, I got a call from Grace, her eldest daughter, saying mum had just died in hospital this morning, leaving the 7 kids all alone as their nearest relative, a sickly uncle, lives about 5 hours away in Solwezi. Grace was still in school (having missed a few years because the family couldn't pay her secondary school fees.) She would now be in charge of the family and take over from her mother. I sent something to pay for a simple funeral for Precious, and then decided to give K700 a month, £25 roughly, 450 of which would be for rent of 3 rooms.) I also gave another small amount to help her continue the business of street market selling, as clearly, they had no surplus after the funeral.

I wonder if the congregation would consider taking them on as a project?

We have decided to base our Zambia Appeal 21 around helping this family. Click on the picture below for full details:

Click for Zambia Appeal 21 Details

Study Leave Report

In August 2015 Rev Robin McAlpine visited Jenny in Zambia as part of his study leave. You can read his report here:
Click for Document Study leave report: visit to Zambia September 2015

Donating to Jenny

If you would like to donate to Jenny's work in Zambia, please use the banking details shown below.

Please note that if you are donating to the Zambia 21 Appeal please state "BENZAMB21" in the reference field.

Sort code: 07-01-16
Account number: 44044068
Account Name: Ms JA Featherstone

To contribute specifically to the Choma Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Organisation:

Bank: ABSA Bank Zambia PLC
Sort code: 02-12-05
Account number: 1035429
Account Name: Choma Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Organisation
Branch Name: Choma
Address: House no 124 Mwapona compound Choma
State: Southern province