News from Zambia

Missionary Newsletter November 2019

Dear Church friends,

The Cab project has been renamed "Churches ADD" which denotes churches advice. Deaconess Mabel is giving a talk on small business cash flow next week and following that a nurse will talk on BP and then take people's BP and advise them whether or not to go to the clinic. Then we will do a programme for all 5 churches for the new year.

The AA group is also going well, we are still in leadership training, looking at how to run the group, the difficulties we may encounter and how to deliver the 12 steps approach to group members. 2 of our group leaders are recovering alcoholic and one is a mental health nurse so we have some very insightful conversations.

Play 4 all continues to do good work particularly with challenging and deprived children. Right now Jane ( project manager) is overseeing the stay off a little boy Bennison, in hospital. His mother has alcohol problems and a small baby and had not been visiting him with food. The price of mealie meal has risen so much and constraints on the hospital are such that they are no longer providing meals , so Jane has stepped in and is taking him food daily. He has to have a second operation on his neck and is still very poorly.

Although we are very thankful the rains have come we are still experiencing 12 - 18 hours a day electricity cuts nation wide. In Choma we are also having challenges with water, but at least it is coming on for a couple of hours a day regularly now. Previously some houses were going 3 days without running water.

Of course all this has affected chodort too, but the main dilemma has been one of funds. Rev Bwalya has found the challenge too much and it's leaving in a couple of weeks time. This will leave a void for some time till they can find a new principal.. they need your prayers as this is a huge challenge.

Myself I am ok but I had a bit of food poisoning which set me back a week or so. Currently I am looking at clay pot " Fridges" ( look up zeer pots on Google) rocket stove and/ or braziers which use less charcoal which we will try and publicise these through churches ADD.

I have been l lucky enough to buy a solar panel and inverter (they have all run out in the shops now) and at least have a light and internet when power is off.

Apologies again for sending this back late, but I hope you are able to share it with some of the congregation. I am attaching a pic of Bennison before his first operation. (The car was a present that Jane brought in for him).

Bennison before his first operation
Bennison before his first operation

Every good wish,

Jenny Featherstone