News from Zambia

Missionary Newsletter December 2020

We have an update on conditions in Zambia relayed by Margaret Simpson.

Good news: RAIN, hurray! and everyone busy digging everywhere & anywhere for crops to grow, wayside verges and railway lines included.

Progress: CADRO, (Choma Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation)
Jenny heads a team with a WhatsApp group, a Facebook page, regular meetings for counselling & advice. She is planning some party games & snacks at Xmas, a most difficult period.

Fun: CHRISTMAS DAY, visit to a friend's farm, where in the garden are an impala with wonky leg, 1 abandoned bush buck, 2 orphaned wart hog piglets and 1 horse-quite a party!

Bad news: CURRENCY, kwacha down from 15 to 28 to £. Zambia unable to pay interest on most debts. Poor governance unlikely to be improved after elections in 2021. Example: a major provider of medical supplies has pulled out of Zambia, due to $7.200,000 of unpaid bills.

Consequences among Jenny's sphere of operation:

  • PLAY4ALL, struggling to make ends meet

  • HANS & SANA, he was found sleeping in a ditch, she is orphaned and living with grandmother (see September Newsletter)

  • NATHAN, who tried to take his life (he needs dialysis), now looked after by Bridget + 3 siblings. If she can find medication privately, it will cost @ £30 a week. Bridget is a second cousin and was one of Jenny's pupils in Kitwe. and is bringing up the family after their mother's death

These dilemmas weigh heavily on Jenny's heart, particularly that of Nathan.

FOR OUR PART: we count our many blessings as we pray for others in other lands, in other circumstances. It is very much a giving season just now, and any donation you may care to make should be sent to Jenny's Nationwide Flexi Account, details as follows:

Nos: 44044068
Sort code: 07 01 16
Name: Ms JA Featherstone.

I sent greetings from Bennochy with all good wishes for the coming year. The Partner Plan newsletter will be sent out by the Church of Scotland offices in the coming week or so and will be available on the Bennochy website.

Margaret Simpson—World Mission correspondent.