News from Zambia

Missionary Newsletter February 2022

The Church of Scotland at present has 3 Mission Partners in Zambia: Keith & Ida Waddell continue in the fields of education, and for those with special needs,also Gina Oliver as Health Secretary. The Church of Scotland also has 3 Mission partners in Malawi.

Jenny Featherstone served long and well as Mission Partner, funded both by Church of Scotland and the Methodist Union.

Her first Newsletter, May 2007, came from Kitwe in the north, where, in the Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation, she taught Social Work and related subjects, assisting women's leadership programmes, and young people on the training farm programme with life skills and business skills.

Her first Newsletter from Choma in the south, July 2013, was as Head of Chodart Training Centre. Courses offered were:

  • IT six month course @ £183
  • Tailoring one year course @ £250
  • Carpentry one year course@ £300 all with a view to future employment.

Further news was of a one year contract June 2019-2020 for community work involving Counselling, Liason among the Deacons and denominations, Alcohol abuse, Play4All and Credit Union. She now oversees these projects independently. Such a role is the touchstone for many in need as we have recently experienced with the family of Grace (Bennochy Zambia Appeal 21) and surely will continue to do so.

There is no longer the post of Mission Partner correspondent, so I step down as such. Hopefully a new team will take on responsibility for on going fund-raising and support in future and we, as a congregation, will continue to play our part in World Mission.

Margaret Simpson