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Service of Reflection
22nd October 2020
Service of Reflection

We’ve all been through enormous change and loss during the coronavirus pandemic, especially those of us who have lost a loved one. This year we warmly welcome you to join us on Wednesday 4th November at 5:30pm, in a moment of reflection, which will be held entirely online.

This special service of reflection is a time to come together in our grief, in what has been a difficult year and to remember as well as celebrate those we love, who are no longer here. It is also a chance for those experiencing a more general sense of loss to carve out time to acknowledge and reflect upon these feelings.

The service will be introduced by Amanda Mukwashi, our Chief Executive, and include a sermon from Dr Rowan Williams. It will give time and space for personal reflection, and there will be a moment in the service to light a candle at home.

If you would like to see the name of your loved one on the screen during a moment of reflection within the service, we can arrange that. Just email me at

The service of reflection is open to all; please do pass on to anyone who might be interested.

To access the service please visit From Darkness to Light Online service of reflection.

Scripture Union Holidays
22nd October 2020
Scripture Union Holidays

KART we would like to let Bennochy young people know about the exciting adventures happening in November at Lendrick Muir.

PERTH, KINROSS AND FIFE SU DAY EVENTS. We are running two day events at Lendrick Muir. Over the October break Scripture Union have been running national day events at the centre which have proved incredibly popular. As a result, we are planning two of our very own.

An action-packed day of activities, friendship building and Bible engagement. We would ask that you drop your young people off at 9.30am and pick them back up at 5:15pm. A hot cooked lunch is included. Places are limited and we expect them to go quickly.

Please book now, to avoid disappointment.

EQUIP NORTH ONLINE. This is an exciting new venture for S3 – S6. An opportunity to join up with other young people from across the North of Scotland for a fast-paced interactive fun youth time as we look this month at Jesus calming the storm. The title says it all ‘Teacher, don’t you care’. A night simply not to be missed.

Living Well with Dementia
1st October 2020

Over the years, we at Bennochy have been slowly changing our environment to become more dementia friendly and have been awarded as a Dementia Friendly Space. We listened and toned our walls and floors and trained many to become Dementia Aware and Dementia Friends. This year has seen many people knit hippos (hold onto them still please, as they will be needed when gatherings can take place and we can mix in schools again), as a reminder to school children that part of our brain is called the Hippocampus and that part is often affected by dementia which some people in the community may be living with.

On our dementia journey, we have made connections with different groups and individuals who are living with dementia. We would like to continue to be friends and support them as best we can. A relatively new group in Fife is STAND. STAND (Striving Towards A New Day) is a group who supports each other and their families to live well with younger onset dementia. The group have recently made a DVD of who they are and have compiled a fun book – ‘The Recipe For Life’, which has loads of antidotes of who they are and what they do as a group along with an insight to their personal dementia journeys.

I have received some copies of the DVD’s and books, if you would be interested in receiving a free copy for yourself, friend or family member please contact me.

Louisa Turner, Development Worker:

The DVD can be seen on YouTube as a video via Standing Up For Dementia in Fife.

Intergenerational Pen Pals
1st October 2020
Pen Pals

In these times of social distancing and government restrictions, we all seek some form of routine and normality. We miss the everyday connections, seeing people we know well and seeing people from a distance. It is those relationships which makes us human. A new project is being planned and people like you, are being sought.

The project is Intergenerational Pen Pals. The project is between our Bennochy community and Dunnikier Primary School.

The schools' primary 4/5 class would like to write to and draw pictures for some mature members of our community, creating links with the wider community.

Connecting young and older people together. We are seeking individuals to write back to the pupils, so they can have that special person in their lives, that has taken time out of their day, and thought of them. For some children, they may never of had previously, received a letter, written just to them. We do visualize that the project will not be a one of letter exchange but will continue for a period of time. So we are seeking individuals, who wouldn't mind writing to a child and receiving an individual letter back.

Thus making and continuing connections during times of social distancing. We are aiming to begin the project after the October holidays and all letters will be sent via the school, to protect the young and older person's personal details. For further details of practicalities, and to sign up for this project, please contact me.

Louisa Turner, Development Worker:

Let us all work together to keep our connections with and in the community.

Church Reopening for Worship
7th September 2020

The Church will reopen for worship services on Sunday 20th September at 11am. However there will be some restrictions to allow us to follow government guidelines:

  • Space for only 36 persons due to social distancing requirements
  • Please bring a face covering
  • Hand sanitisers will be available on entry and exit
  • The services will be shorter than normal with no singing
  • No cushions available so please bring your own
  • No bibles or order of service available
  • No tea/coffee
  • Disabled toilet will be available

To reserve a place at any of our services please contact Robin for further details.

Bunting for Hire
15th September 2019
Bunting for Hire

Next time you have a celebration with family and friends, why not hire a section of the church’s bunting to decorate your venue?

£5 per hire - 19 flags on the bunting.

Contact G&Q on 07980 367632.
Bunting for Hire

Free Sanitary Products
2nd June 2019
Bennochy Church

Free Sanitary Products are now available at Bennochy - As part of the Scottish Government's strategy to tackle Period Poverty, funding was sought to purchase sanitary products.

As Bennochy Church opens its doors to the wider community through our youth organisations, Olive Branch Community Café, Community Choir and other groups, we were successful in a bid to receive products. Free sanitary products are now available in all toilets in the building, including the gents. Please take what you need for you and your family.

If more are required, please contact Louisa Turner, Development Worker, as we have extra supplies and can request more.

Green and Quirky Wanted List
27th January 2019
The Green and Quirky Upcycling Project

The G & Q needs the following items you may find lying in the garage or in your sewing box. Pat, Rona, Pamela or Dianne would love to have them if you have no further use for them:

  • Hessian
  • Small Pieces of lace Small piece (18 x 18 inches) fine plastic mesh.
  • Flower wires or similar.
  • Chunky polystyrene.
  • Very small amount bold coloured gloss paint.
  • Small amount undercoat.
  • 2 paintbrushes
  • Paint stripper

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