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Other Events and Meetings

Details of other events and meetings being held by the smaller groups are listed here.

Event Calendar

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Various meetings of other Church groups, for example: The Kirk Session, Fabric Committee etc. Typically held in the Elgin Hall.


We regularly have a Fairtrade stall in the Church vestibule or in the halls after the service.

Good Causes

Throughout the year there are special events to support Charities such as Christian Aid, The Salvation Army, The Red Cross, Lifeboats, Vision Aid Overseas, The Bethany Christian Trust etc. This may consist of a special offering or special actions such as sending Spectacles for the vision impared or Christmas Boxes to needy children around the world. You can visit the websites of these charities on the Charities page.

Used Stamps

A box is available in the vestibule for the donation of used stamps (British and overseas). This box is there throughout the year and is regularly emptied. Funds from the sale of these stamps are used to help with Church of Scotland Mission work so please denote any un-wanted stamps.

Old Spectacles

Do you have any old spectacles lying in a drawer? If so, you could be helping millions of people in the developing world who simply need spectacles to lead a normal life. Vision Aid Overseas is a charity who send teams of volunteer professional Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians to carry out eye tests and provide spectacles appropriate to the patients needs. A box is in the vestibule and all spectacles will be gratefully received.