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Taekwondo ...

... is a Korean martial art and combat sport.

Taekwondo is the national sport of South Korea and sparring, kyeorugi, is an Olympic sporting event.

In Korean hanja, tae means feet or kicking; kwon means hands or striking; and do means art, path, way, or method.

Hence, taekwondo is loosely translated as the way of the foot and fist.


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Taekwondo Club

Tiny TigersThe club is run by dedicated instructors and meets on Fridays.

The Songahm style of Taekwondo is taught which is practiced by over 350,000 people worldwide.


The Taekwondo Club was founded by our former minister Rev. Nicola Frail, 4th degree black belt, and was one of the first Songahm Taekwondo clubs in Scotland. It has a dedicated group of black belts who are enrolled in the WTTU junior instructor and adult instructor programmes. Nicola also visits to teach black belt classes.

In 2009, the club hosted the European WTTU Camp at Kirkcaldy High School with students from all over Europe being taught and tested by instructors from America and Thailand.

To celebrate the clubs 10th anniversary in February 2014, a 24hr Taekwondo event was held followed by a Ceilidh and Buffet.

There are currently over 30 students with new arrivals always welcome.

The Taekwondo students learn a new move
The Taekwondo students learn a new move


Class Date and Time
Tiny Tigers (Primary 1 & 2), and Beginners (White, Orange and Yellow belts) Friday 6.45pm to 7.30pm
Intermediate (Camo, Green & Purple belts) Friday 7.30pm to 8.15pm
Blue belts/Advanced Friday 8.15pm to 8.30pm

To complement the standard classes there are occasional visits from visiting American instructors and special events such as a recent 'Kickathon' for charity.

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